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We would like to thank everyone who has donated or supported us in any way.

Our support-base is growing daily. The list below may not contain everyone, but whoever you are, and however small your contribution, we appreciate your support very much.


Aldi, Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin University Women’s Rugby Club

Art of Clean

Aviva Solutions


Axis Europe plc

Barclays Bank


Budgens, Cherry Hinton

Cambridge Water plc

Coronation Inn, Middlesborough

CUTAZZ Dance Society


Dragonmobility Ltd


Facility Design Projects

Frederick and Phyllis Cann Trust

Go Glass Cambridge

Grant Thornton UK LLP

Hawksmoor Property Services

Margarets Fund

The M Foundation

Mills and Reeve Charitable Trust

Milton Road Primary School, Cambridge

National Express

Newby Trust

The Penelope Martin Charitable Trust

Royal Bank of Scotland

The Square and Compasses, Great Shelford

Thetford Rotary Club

The Roger Vere Foundation

Watlington County Primary School

The Chris Westwood Charity

Whitehills School, Forfar

121 Fundraising Ltd

The Mensroom, Cambridge

Rotary Club of Linlithgow and Bo’ness

Intercontinental Hotels


Abigail’s Angels

Dr C Algar

Elliott Baker’s family

Jenny Kerr and friends

John Barclay

Carole Bennett

Rediate Beyene’s family and friends

Robin Blee

Nicole Bolt

Charlie Bolton’s family

John Boye

Robin Bray-Hurren

Shane Brennan

Mr and Mrs S Browning

Sarah Campbell

Adam and Emily Cardinal

Keira Chatterton’s family and friends

Toni Coakley

Graeme Congalton

Lesley Cornell

Aiden Cox’s family

Sarah Croft

Helene Dreau


Louis Farrell’s family and friends

Eythan Galloway and friends

Leroy Gibb’s family and friends

Mr and Mrs Gledhill

Debi Goodchild

Ella Harding-Rolls

Professor Stephen Hawking

Beatrice Howden’s family and friends

Maisy Hutley’s family and friends

Mr and Mrs R Lingham

Pete Lockey

George Lockley’s family and friends

Rachel Malpass-Brown

Marion and Laura Main

Grace Marshall

Cath McNicol

Jane Mousley

Emmeline Mumford and friends

Dr and Mrs H Oliver

David Parson

Nathan Penman and his school

Louie Pumphrey’s family and friends

Danny Regan

Bernie Quinn and friends

Adrienne Sharman

Nicola Sleap’s family and friends

Amit Sodha and friends

Cllr Sheila Stewart

Sophie Stubbenhagen’s family

George Tappenden’s family and friends

Jen Vance and friends

Rita Sutherland

Philippa Sjoberg

Mary Sweasey

Jenny Wilton